Friday, 28 May 2010

Happy half term

Hi everyone Dexter here,

Just thought I would get you up to date with whats been happening over at Teacher's Pet HQ and also abit of info on whats to come over the half term.

Last week we started to tackle the classroom environment (as resources for this had been requested by several dozen fans), creating lots of useful resources to help keep your day organised.
One of these resources went into our "Most popular resources" section within a few days.

We also brought to life several peoples suggestions about plant/seed growth, to fit in with lots of peoples Summer topics.

We have just added several resources related to Africa and wild animals, just in time for all your lovely Zoo visits and will be adding afew more this evening

Over half term me, Jay and Christina are all off for a seaside adventure to celebrate and take a well earned rest, so you may notice that tpet will be alittle quiet. However we will be uploading all our new resources on Saturday and Sunday 5th/6th of June when we get back.
When we get back we will have World Cup resources for you, as well as lots of other surprises.

Feel free to continue to email us with your suggestions and we shall try our best to have your resources online after the half term.

Have a happy half term everyone from all the Teacher's Pet gang

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Bringing your ideas to life!

Hi everyone

Dexter here, apologies for my late post, been looking after Christina whose been sneezing all over me this week, but despite sniffles and hot water bottles we've been as busy as ever...taking you to "Space" and introducing you to some rather "Scurvy" characters.

Christina also brought to life a certain favourite topic of mine...FOOD! Thanks to Shilpa (one of our fantastic followers) for this great suggestion.

As requested by Jo (another of our kind fans) we released a new set of editable resources this week so you can now create badges, tray cards, peg labels, infact pretty much anything with our minibeast and Africa label sets.

This coming week we are aiming to bring to life even more of your fantastic suggestions, with at least 1 new suggested resource each evening. So if your suggestion isn't online yet then keep your eyes peeled, it could be you!!
One very popular suggestion, to help keep your day organised ;) is on the cards this week as well as lots of others (all of which will get special mention in next weeks blog).

If you would like to suggest a resource to be brought to life then why not email us

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bugs, Secrets and Thankyou's

Well it's been another busy week full of bugs galore. After several requests for minibeasts, Christina sat down and created some rather tasty looking resources (spiders are my favourite to munch on). So a big thankyou to everyone who emailed in with resource suggestions. We hope you like what has been done so far but don't forget to email us with your suggestions if you have anymore bright ideas.

Although I've been bribed with treats to keep quiet I thought I'd share with you a little of what to expect for the coming week. This week look out for some new resources that will be "out of this world" and may shiver ya timbers ;) As well as some other things they seem to have under their sleeves that even I'm not allowed to hear about.
But also, we are alll really excited over at Teachers Pet HQ about the release of our members login area and our FIRST EVER interactive whiteboard resources, due to be launched at the end of this week!!!!
I will try my best to sneak some screen shots for you, although dog friendly cameras are hard to come by.

Our facebook page has been very busy so to help, Jay has now made it possible for you to view our most recent and most popular files without having to ever leave our facebook page...if you haven't tried it yet take a look.

Christina and Jay have also asked me to give a special mention to some of our friends this week who have taken the time to write about us and tell others about

THNAKYOU!! Kathleen McGeady for an excellent blog post.  THANKYOU!! Kevin Mclaughlin THANKYOU Lindi

Have a great week everyone, don't forget to keep a look out for our up and coming resources, login area and make sure you check my latest pick of the week

Thursday, 22 April 2010

A busy week in Dexters Doghouse

Ok so it's been a pretty busy week over at Teachers Pet HQ. At times Christina and Jay were rushing about so much they kept forgetting to take me on my walk or feed me!!!
But it's all been worth it. After 1 week of being online we have had over 5000 UNIQUE visitors to the site giving us over 500,000 "hits" and over 2000 downloads in total. So a great big thankyou from me, even though I've been without food or walkies I don't mind as both my owners are happy.

A big thankyou also to Carolyn Champen who finally gave me a name. I love my new name Dexter! As promised I have just picked another file of the week, although with so many goodies to pick from it was a tough descision. Take a look over at to find out which file I thought deserved it.

Jay has been working really hard on a members login area which means you will be able to have your own little members area to bookmark files you like, use our new Interactive and Music resources and lots more features too which we will let you know about really soon. I think I overheard them say it will be ready by the end of this week.

Christina has had lots of resource suggestions come through which she is now trying her hardest to keep up with, so if you have suggested a resource keep your eyes peeled, if your idea goes online you might get some free Teachers Pet goodies.

Oh and don't forget to send your photographs in to me of you using Teachers Pets resources, your pictures might get featured on our blog and win you some lovely Dexter prizes.

Have a great week everyone


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Welcome to 'Inside Dexter's Doghouse'

Hello everyone!

Welcome to 'Inside Dexter's Doghouse', Teachers Pet's new and exciting blog. My Doghouse is your chance to hear the latest Teachers Pet news, what new resources are being cooked up, and what to expect from T-Pet HQ.

Launched April 14th 2010, Teachers Pet is the combined workings of my owners Christina (a qualified classroom practitioner) and Jay (The ICT Guru). Created with teachers in mind, Teachers Pet will always bring you up-to-date and exciting curriculum resources to enhance learning and brighten up your classroom environment. Very soon Teachers Pet will have on offer free Interactive White Board Resources and Music Resources, so you really can bring learning to life.

The blog also gives you the chance to get involved. Have Teachers Pet's resources helped you to teach an outstanding lesson which the children enjoyed and gained a high level of understanding? Or helped you to creat a stunning classroom display? If so we would love to see and hear from you, send your experiences and photos to - and i will feature you the best ones in my Doghouse!

I am very excited about the future and hope you will join me and Teachers Pet on our journey by becoming a fan on FaceBook or following us on Twitter.

Please keep checking back with us on a regular basis, as for the first month NEW content will be available DAILY, and after that NEW content will be available at a set time on sunday afternoon, live at 5pm!

I really hope you enjoy browsing the website, and if you have ANY suggestions feel free to post them into the suggestion box. ALL emails are read and we will try to give out a personalised responce to each and every email received.

Thanks for reading and come back soon!